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Dear Knitters,

Before we begin, I have some very exciting news about an Adventure Knitting Camp I'll be hosting this July!

A New Everyday

Ali's Dream, our home-away-from-home on the canals It is a new era here at home: Although John retired in August of last year, we put off discovering our new 'at-home-normal' by leaving on two 3 1/2 month narrowboating trips in the United Kingdom! Now we're finally settling down and experiencing what the new routine looks like...

...Hah! I optimistically wrote that particular sentence nearly a month ago!

21 stollen baked and delivered! Somehow, as we're trying to establish our new routine, time seems to be more fragmented all the time, but we're getting there.
I've finally begun scheduling regular new releases of videos to my Lucyknit YouTube channel and establishing a habit of pattern and newsletter writing, backing up my laptop, and tackling the bookkeeping, etc. I've even gotten started with my Christmas baking and am remembering to exercise regularly!

drydocking the boat for winter John has thrown himself into home renovations and maintenance challenges with a vengeance: seriously, anyone's home or boat will do. It's been wonderful. As a result, I now have additional roof insulation, my window frames caulked, one chimney capped (it looks cute with a saucepan lid on the top) and the other swept at my house on Big Tancook Island.

enjoying winter weather walks As we are now free agents, we invited John's mum to Nova Scotia for an extended visit. We are three weeks in and enjoying our lovely guest. It's going very well, but it does make a huge difference to what one can get done, what with trying to provide some entertainment and outings.

a centre-out experiment while awaiting brighter colours Since my Knitting on the Wild Side camp in September, my needles have been twitching most insistently. I've been awaiting a beautiful new yarn base with which to launch a new set of colours, however, the yarn hasn't yet arrived. I was trying to wait until then before committing to a new large project. You know how it goes...

Saltwater Mittens: a beautiful and informative new pattern book In light of this, I thought I'd do something small, maybe knit a pair of Grenfell Mittens from the new book Saltwater Mittens by Shirley Scott and Christine Legrow. They could become a useful gift!

I launched forth with some available yarn, grabbed some needles and got on with it.
After a couple of inches of the palm, the first mitten looked like it would fit perfectly... as long as I was knitting for a large guy with hands like pizza paddles!
The tape measure came out... oops, my gauge was significantly off! I knew I'd been gambling in the first place and decided to treat this bit as an UTS ( or Ultimate Tension Swatch-- my term for a garment piece knit in optimism and then regarded as a gauge swatch)

I ripped back to the cuff, grabbed some smaller needles and carried on. Success!
Mitten number two followed. However, in comparing the two, the rib on the first mitten was noticeably sloppier; not bad on its own, just not up to its companion's appearance.

mittenfix video! I happily found myself with a video opportunity! I could have cut the mitten just below the increases and ribbed downwards, but would have then ended up with an extra row of stripes before the ribbing began.
So I opted for my old favourite: I knit a new replacement cuff plus the increases and topped it off with 5 rounds of brightly contrasting, similar weight, waste yarn. I would graft the new cuff to the second pattern round of the mitten with stitches of Round 1. This I did, all whilst filming it for my channel! Several of the possible mistakes actually occurred (and were successfully resolved) during the recording. I hope thes videos, if you have to patience to watch Part 2, will convince you of the power of waste yarn in complex grafting situations!

Although I am hesitant to mention it aloud... the holiday season is almost here. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing the Californian contingent of my family again. I had hoped to visit them this year but, yet again, no time was available. They arrive home next week, and we'll all enjoy Christmas together!

Wishing you all the very Happiest of Stitches until next time,


Advent Calendar Sales

Samples Join us for another Advent Calendar Sale this December as we feature one special half-price item daily from December 1 to 24! Check the newsbox at daily to open your virtual calendar page!
Fiesta Stocking
Lucy's Fiesta Stocking is half-price until December 25. Inspired by the perennially popular Fiesta Feet, you'll still have time to knit this oversize stocking for someone special in your life.

We also have a few year-end bargains on our clearance page as we clear out some of our old favourite yarns and make way for new ones soon to come.

Happy Seasonal Stitches!

Teaching Gigs in the New Year

Although I am no longer keeping up a regular workshop schedule, you may wish to join me at a couple of special events in 2019 and 2020:
Judy and I love planning our Knitting on the Wild Side Adventures! Bookings are OPEN for my and Judy Fawcett's biannual Adventure Knitting trip from July 10-19, 2019, I am particularly looking forward to this exciting camp!

We will be taking our intrepid knitters to the Northwest Territories of Canada!
Our trip begins in Edmonton, where we will stay for two nights. While there, we will be led on an extensive city tour, check out the yarn and meet the owners of River City Yarns and go on a tour of the stunning Aga Khan Gardens
This will be followed by four nights in Yellowknife, where we will be treated to a guided city tour, attend the Folk on the Rocks music festival and a floating dinner theatre by Voyageur Canoe, and attend a workshop/talk with a local artisan.
Finally, we will travel by float plane flight to Blatchford Lake Lodge, a wilderness resort where we will stay for three more nights! We have even more activities planned here, including a hand salve making workshop, fishing, kayaking and hiking.
As with previous Adventure Knitting tours, our intrepid tour guide is Judy Fawcett and I will be teaching the students throughout (I'm currently designing a project specific to this adventure using some of the beautiful River City Yarns products!)
We are confirming spots now and still have some availability. I'd love for you to join me! For more details, you can reach Judy at

Later in the year, from October 4-6th, 2019, I'll be teaching at Knit East at the historic Algonquin Resort in beautiful St. Andrews-By-the-Sea, New Brunswick. I've taught at this event and have always enjoyed myself there! A number of well-known knitwear designers will be there, and the yarn marketplace promises to offer lts of gorgeous fibres, tools and fibre-craft related items.

this promises to be a wonderful tour! Finally, on February 26th, 2020 I will be teaching and cruising with Melissa and her fun-loving knitters on a 14 day Craft Cruises tour from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. I haven't visited that part of the globe yet and am very excited for this trip! For more details about this journey, email Melissa (please tell her that you heard about it from me)!

back to the canals John and I are hoping to resume our personal boating adventure shortly after this trip - so we'll be going from a Holland America Line vessel to a narrowboat: quite a contrast!


New Additions to my free YouTube Channel

Replacing a Mitten Cuff If you're subscribed to my free YouTube channel, you already know that I added several more free videos through the month of November!

In my Double Layer Single Decreases I demonstrate an easy paired decrease in double-knitting to remove one occasional pair of stitches (one from either layer of the fabric).
Repairing a Hole in Finished Knitting will show you how to analyze a hole in knitting and make a nearly invisible repair.
Finally, Replacing a Mitten Cuff, Part One and Replacing a Mitten Cuff, Part Two show a rescue technique for replacing the lower edge of a piece of knitting. This technique can be used in many tricky situations.


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