Colour-Me-Happy Shenanigans!

Dear Knitters,

A New Year!

We ushered in a brave new year, and I was off to a slow start knitting-wise.
I find it a weird and unsettling to experience knitting doldrums: ideas, but not quite the right yarns; yarns calling your name, but no project materializes out of the ether. At this point, it's so tempting to cast on a sock just to keep the fingers busy! However, you know right then that you will be committed long beyond what you can emotionally agree to.

Inspiration Hits

Colour Me Happy Hat, toddler size Colour Me Happy Hat, adult size Thankfully, I found my needles fully occupied at last!
Inspired by the gorgeous BFL Sportweight yarn custom dyed for my Knitting On the Wild Side campers last September, the creative juices finally started flowing, and I soon found myself designing a fun new hat!
After struggling for a name - the Jelly Beano? Seuss On the Loose? I finally hit upon the perfect one: please welcome the Colour Me Happy Hat! This adorable self-sizing hat will provide you with lots of options for your creativity as you learn several useful new techniques. The pattern features easy to follow written instructions and charts. Ten video links are included in this workshop-in-a-pattern.

Bare Bones Yarn Pack We have created two yarn packs for the Colour-Me-Happy hat, featuring the same yarn I used for my samples. You can now pre-order the "Bare Bones" yarn pack, which includes 4 50g skeins of custom-dyed BFL Sport, for $55.80CAD (plus shipping) or the "Extravaganza", which includes 10-15g of 12 additional colours, for an additional $41.85CAD. The Bare Bones yarn pack will provide you with enough yarn to knit 2 hats, while you'll be able to knit 3 (or even 4 small hats) with the Extravaganza pack.
Contact us at if you'd like to preorder yours!

In Rughooking News...

making copies My Fiesta Crab Rug I have been having so much fun with my rughooking projects that I'd like to share the love! With my creative friends in mind, I've embarked on a new venture: that of drawing hooked rug patterns. Initially I'm beginning with sharing my Crab rug design, but I plan to expand to include work from other Tancook Island designers! Please let me know if this might be of interest to you.

Double Knitting, Egyptian Style!

Pyramid DK Blanket My latest double knitting blanket is taking shape. This one is imbued with an Egyptian theme!
My hands are so glad to be double knitting again. They seem to prefer working in concert with one another rather than one or the other!
This project is moving along a little more slowly for several reasons.
I needed to complete the central pyramid motifs to allow me to make accurate calculations about yarn consumption for the next band of pattern. Also, in order to make my own long colour gradations, I am dividing solid colour skeins - I want to control how this particular motif band will shade from dark to light and back to dark again (and vice versa for the second colour), taking into consideration that the outer rounds will have more stitches. An enjoyable brain teaser!

My YouTube Channel

new additions to my YouTube Channel I'm taking a new approach to my lucyknit YouTube channel this year, and am filming technique clips that relate to my current knitting - some of these clips will then be included with the new patterns. The Colour-Me-Happy Hat pattern, for example, includes ten video tutorials, many of which are available at my YouTube channel.

Subscribers to my channel are always the first to know when I upload a new free Tutorial!

Meanwhile, back in Nova Scotia...

we even hosted our grandkitty Pluto! On the domestic front, we have had a very busy few months, with guests and family not only visiting, but also staying for a time. At one point, every bed (including the camp kind), quilt and pillow in the house were occupied. It brought up shades of being employed at Fawlty Towers! The laundry mountain has finally been conquered, and winter is digging deeply, giving fine long evenings for knitting, rug-hooking and guilt-free indoor time.

February is here, so I'm obviously looking towards spring, and have been indulging in browsing apple tree catalogues. I aim to launch the new growing season on Tancook Island with a few new trees. It seems like a long-term venture, but had I planted them when I found this house, I'd be harvesting apples by now! No more time to waste!

Forthcoming Gigs

upcoming workshops I would love to see you at one of the teaching events I have scheduled for 2019 and 2020:

To kick off my western Adventure, I'll be teaching at River City Yarns, Edmonton in early July - details to be announced.

This will be followed by my and Judy Fawcett's biannual Adventure Knitting trip from July 10-19, 2019, which promises to be a very exciting camp!

We will be taking our intrepid knitters to the Northwest Territories of Canada!
Our trip begins in Edmonton, where we will stay for two nights. While there, we will be led on an extensive city tour, check out the yarn and meet the owners of River City Yarns and go on a tour of the stunning Aga Khan Gardens
Next, we'll spend four nights in Yellowknife, where we will be treated to a guided city tour, attend the Folk on the Rocks music festival and a floating dinner theatre by Voyageur Canoe, and attend a workshop/talk with a local artisan.
Finally, we will travel by float plane flight to Blatchford Lake Lodge, a wilderness resort, where we will stay for three more nights!
I will be teaching the students throughout and we still have some availability: for more details, you can reach our tour guide, Judy Fawcett, at

Later in the year, from October 4-6th, 2019, I'll be teaching at Knit East at the historic Algonquin Resort in beautiful St. Andrews-By-the-Sea, New Brunswick. I've taught at this event and have always enjoyed myself there! A number of well-known knitwear designers will be there, and the yarn marketplace promises to offer lts of gorgeous fibres, tools and fibre-craft related items.

Finally, on February 26th, 2020 I will be teaching and cruising with Melissa and her fun-loving knitters on a 14 day Craft Cruises tour from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. I haven't visited that part of the globe yet and am very excited for this trip! For more details about this journey, email Melissa (please tell her that you heard about it from me)!

back to the canals John and I are hoping to resume our personal boating adventure shortly after this trip - so we'll be going from a Holland America Line vessel to a narrowboat: quite a contrast!

Wishing you all the very Happiest of Stitches until next time,


Colour Me Happy Hat

Colour Me Happy Hat by Lucy Neatby

This self-sizing hat features a brim knit sideways in any stripe pattern that you fancy. The brim length determines the number of stitches which are then knitted up along the edge. A visible stitch fold is created before beginning stripes up to the extended crown and bobbles. There are lots of options for your creativity! While the pattern is written for a sport weight yarn, it is easily adaptable to other weights.
The pattern features easy to follow written instructions as well as helpful charts.

Ten video links are included in this workshop-in-a-pattern.

  • Link 1 - Seaming the Brim
  • Link 2 - Perfect Garter Stitch Join
  • Link 3 - Neatening Two Tails at Once
  • Link 4 - Knitting Up New Stitches
  • Link 5 - Weaving Tails As You Go
  • Link 6 - Double Knit Single Yarn Tails
  • Link 7 - Knitting A Decorative Dangling Bobble
  • Link 8 - Finishing and Attaching Bobbles
  • Link 9 - Shortening A Knit Fabric
  • Link 10 - Darned Balanced Mid-Row Join

Recommended Yarn: variable
Size: multi-size
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Price: $9.50CAD

We have created two yarn packs for the Colour-Me-Happy hat, featuring the same yarn I used for my samples. The "Bare Bones" yarn pack includes 4 50g skeins of custom-dyed BFL Sport, for $55.80CAD (plus shipping) and the "Extravaganza" includes 10-15g of 12 additional colours, for an additional $41.85CAD. The Bare Bones yarn pack will provide you with enough yarn to knit 2 hats, while you'll be able to knit 3 (or even 4 small hats) with the Extravaganza pack.
Contact us at if you'd like to preorder yours!

Fiesta Crab Rug Pattern

Fiesta Crab Rug Pattern by Lucy Neatby

I've started experimenting with drawing hooked rug patterns. My first offering is my Crab Rug; here is your opportunity to make your own Lucy-inspired project!

Hand drawn original pattern by Lucy Neatby.
Size: 31 x 35" with colour notes and picture.
Primitive linen, raw edges zigzag sewn and border lines with the grain.
Drawn to order.
Price: $95.00CAD

SuperNova DK Medallions

SuperNova DK Medallions by Lucy Neatby

A circular double layer design. Smooth circles are created by using increases scattered along the round.
Including eleven integrated video links, instructional diagrams and two design options, this colourful and technically pleasing pattern will walk you through all of the steps to create your own fully reversible double-knit creation!
This centre-out double-knitting design is very adaptable to various yarn weights and gauges.

Recommended Yarn: variable
Size: multi-size
Skill Level: Experienced
Price: $9.50CAD

February Sales

Igloo DK Scarves Check the newsbox for our weekly half-price pattern!
This week's offering is Lucy's beautiful Igloo DK Scarves pattern.
Featuring two warm reversible neck warmers, you will have fun with this glorious textural double knitting project! Scarf One features two different public sides, while Scarf Two is textural on both sides with reversed colours.
The Igloo DK Scarves pattern is half-price ($3.75CAD) until February 16,
Happy Stitches!

Socks 2 DVD As we are in the second month of the year, we are having a sale on all of the seconds in our DVD series! You'll find Knitting Essentials 2, Sock Techniques 2, Knitting Gems 2, Finesse Your Knitting 2, Intarsia Untangled 2 and Knitting Venus 2 are half-price each!
Please check our DVDs Page for more details.

We also have a few year-end bargains on our clearance page as we clear out some of our old favourite yarns and make way for new ones soon to come.

Happy Stitches!

New Additions to my free YouTube Channel

check my YouTube channel for new additions! If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, you already know that I added a few more free videos since the New Year!

Check out Double Knit Single Yarn Tubes , Knitting Up New Stitches and Perfect Garter-Stitch Join for a sneak peek at some of the techniques I used when knitting the Colour-Me-Happy Hat!

Spun Yarn Changes Ahead

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