Farewell to New Zealand


beautiful New Zealand Hard to believe that it was only last Friday that I returned home from a wonderful Craft Cruise with an indomitable group of seafaring knitters!
We traveled from Australia to New Zealand. In the back of our minds, we were all aware of the gathering viral storm clouds, and washed our hands frequently and with vigour, all while carrying on. We visited extraordinarily beautiful places, saw thousands of woolly jumpers on the hoof, met wonderful people.

so much colour! I am sure I was not alone in skipping down the gangway in Auckland and beginning my homeward bound trip with trepidation and some anxiety.
Things went comparatively normally, with the notable exception of all my flights being on time and seamlessly connecting. At checkpoints, I was met with only a few extra questions about past travel to China and Italy. A few face masks and gloves were in evidence with the front-line border agents.

leaving the cruise ship Much to my relief, I had a charmed journey home, with much hand washing, and have since remained in self-isolation in Dartmouth. So far, so good. We must all do whatever it takes to slow this viral freight train down. Understanding how exponential growth works is critical!

Previous to the end of life as we knew it, my year had been carefully choreographed with a ten-day recovery gap between New Zealand and John's and my heading to the UK for a long-anticipated three-month canal trip coupled with family celebrations.
Sadly for us, it quickly became obvious that we had to begin preparing our minds for significant adjustments.
I must admit that, even with our somewhat cocooned awareness aboard the ship of the ominous and ever-heightening levels of hygiene, reemerging into the world was a psychic shock. I hadn't fully appreciated the massive (and appropriate) shutdown that is taking place around the globe.

enjoying some puzzle time I'm now reassessing things here.
My premier task was to complete my business year-end paperwork and taxes. That is now done, thank goodness.
I am trying not to dwell on the disappointment of giving up our anticipated three months on the canals, which had already postponed from last year, and am looking ahead to plan some alternative stay-at-home activities. Thankfully, you and I knit, and many of us have been unconsciously awaiting this 'opportunity' all our lives, although definitely not in this frightening a scenario.

things that keep me busy These are not going to be easy times for anyone: adjustment to a catastrophic change in life is very hard. We appear to be in it for the long haul, so have to keep ourselves absorbed and entertained for the good of everyone's mental and physical health. We textile and fiber folks have a lot more resources than many, so let's use them. Let's also try to introduce friends (with new time on their hands) to these hobbies; it may help them stay sane during the long siege. Mail-order wool and needles are still available, and Skype or FaceTime knit-a-long meetings keep social contacts alive. I'm currently working on my personal list of things to achieve during this challenging time, which I'll share with you in the next Spunyarn.

new video on YouTube! We are still shipping orders here, within the limitations of self-isolation, so please allow for delays.
Check out my Lucyknit channel! I've just added a new video, and plan to add even more as the self-isolation continues. Subscribe to my channel and receive notifications anytime I add a new video. There are many free videos already on my channel for you.

Brand New Knitter Many organizations are doing their best to raise morale, and are offering free (or nearly-so), diversions.

We think that this is a great time to learn to knit! With that in mind, I am offering my Brand New Knitter Video Download (video version of the physical DVD) for $1CAD. It includes PDFs for two beginner patterns and can be purchased at my website.

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Wishing you all the best of health and happy and calming stitches.

Lucy, Stephanie and Corrie

New Patterns

Night and Day DK Blanket

Night and Day DK Blanket by Lucy Neatby

Knit yourself an heirloom with this spectacularly beautiful and warm double-layer blanket!
My Night and Day DK Blanket pattern is complete and available!
Including eighteen Tutorial video links, this gorgeous double-knit project is an heirloom in the works!
This project makes for wonderful stay-at-home knitting: interesting, colourful, technically pleasing, but still portable and fun.
This pattern includes eighteen videos demonstrating various techniques, from the centre-out dk cast-on to binding off this unique project!

The Night and Day Blanket is not for the faint of heart! Some two-colour DK experience is recommended, and membership to my DK Technique Club will certainly provide you with many more in-depth techniques and tricks beyond the DK basics.

KnitCircus Yarns have created a Yarn Pack specific to this pattern! Choose the yarn pack which features the same colorways I used in my blanket, or order your yarns a la carte! Click this link to pick out nine (9) 150g cakes of Greatest of Ease in the colours of your dreams.

Skill Level:Intermediate to Experienced
Price: $12.00

Are you (or a friend) a Brand New Knitter?

Brand New Knitter This is a great time to learn to knit! In support of this, I am offering my Brand New Knitter Video Download (video version of the physical DVD) for $1CAD. This title will take you step by step through the process of learning to knit, with an emphasis on building a solid base of knowledge and understanding, so that you will feel in control and ready to experiment.
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A decadently sumptuous double layer reversible sock in ankle sizes 8 -10 inches.
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New Additions to my free YouTube Channel

check my YouTube channel for new additions! I've embarked on designing a new cowl to coordinate with with the Night and Day DK Blanket, a much smaller more manageable project. To create the oversized upper edge, I've created 14 points, each of which requires 5 double decreases to remove the extra stitches. In my newest video, I show how to make the decreases with normally mounted stitches and with Alternative Rotation Purls which are mounted unconventionally.

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