I can't wait to get started on the Nomad Cowl Knit-Along!

Summer is here

Atlantic Bubble Loosening some Restrictions
Welcome to the newly formed Atlantic Provinces bubble - our eastern provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland/Labrador can now mingle without an isolation period. Our first weekend involved lots of lineups at the provincial border crossings.
I hope that you, too, are seeing some small incremental return to normality.

keeping fit! Pandemic Fitness
My exercise routine is, unbelievably, still chugging along. Every day, I mentally wrestle with myself to make the time for it.
As I sit in bed, reading and drinking my tea, I tussle (sadly a no-calorie-burn form of exercise), but the reminder of my ongoing health can usually galvanize me into action.
I'm gradually expanding my array of YouTube instructors, types of exercises and necessary equipment. My daughters sent me a list of suggestions, and I've slowly branched out from there, My current favourite instructor is Marischa: I find her accented English entertaining and she is very encouraging. She keeps me fully engaged and busy throughout the torture routine. I have even learned to enjoy the included 5-minute warm and cool down periods!

What I have discovered (or, I admit, recalled) is that I am not particularly well-coordinated. There was a reason that ballet and tap dancing escaped me as a child, and even racquet sports were a frightful disaster. Consequently, the step class really has me challenged: was that right leg and left arm, oh dear, which leg is meant to be used next? I seem to have too many of them. I muddle by, and usually, after a couple of repetitions of the same class (on different days), I can achieve a passable imitation.

that carpet had to go! next layer down Renovations on Tancook Island
My latest household project was the extermination of the final carpet, a peppy orange 70's shag pile (its cheery colour extended my patience with it).
Eleven years ago, this whole house was fuzzily carpeted in varying shades of boring beige and monotonous manure. The first to go was the bathroom decor, and I've been gradually tackling the rest over the years. During my first summer here, I was hardly established in the house and had minimal furniture, so the chaos and dust engendered by ripping out carpets and sanding the floors didn't cause me to hesitate.
The years flew by, and soon there was no longer space to temporarily house the beds and chest of drawers, nor a suitable window of time in which to complete the project.
Then the pandemic arrived. The mandated self-isolation provided time, so I got to it.

finds As I was emptying the room in preparation, I made quite the discovery: at the back of the very long narrow drawer in a long ago retro-fitted cupboard, lurking right at the back, was a box of live ammunition!
much better! The floor staining varnishing went quite speedily once the furniture was removed but then, of course, the trim around the window and doors looked tatty! I had the wonderful idea of making use of the rejected bathroom paint colour and set to work once again. A lesson learned: trim takes five times as long as a floor. All is finally done, and the room looks light and bright. I'm no longer hacking my shins on the bed corners - I chopped them off (should have done this years ago)!
Now I'm back to outdoor work on the remaining unfinished wall of the fish store...

Join me at VK Live this month! An Exciting Opportunity this Month!
I'm trying something new this month - Vogue Knitting have contacted me to join their teaching team for a virtual Live event from July 16 -19th, 2020. I've agreed to teach several of my favourite classes! Please take a look here for more information.
I love the idea of Vogue Knitting Live from my little home on Tancook Island!

Wishing Stones Gallery Wishes for Wishing Stones
For those of you who have visited Big Tancook Island, you may be interested in helping my dear friend Hillary.
Hillary is using this bizarre period of time to undertake a major reno of the Wishing Stones gallery, library, museum and community space, and wants to build a workshop space on the original footprint of the store.
She, her family and other islanders (who wish to remain anonymous) are putting a lot of sweat equity into lifting and supporting the floor and into further building work. However, lumber and electrical doesn't come cheaply. If you would like to help with this project, we have organized a GoFundMe Campaign on behalf of Wishing Stones. No amount is too small and will be much appreciated. Hillary is not looking at the donor list (by choice, as she wouldn't wish to pressure anyone in these difficult times.

Knitting on the quayside in Hobart. Freer and easier times. Keep those stitches smiling.


My Knit-Along is a Go!

Nomad DK Cowl

Nomad DK Cowl Kit and Knit Along by Lucy Neatby

The Nomad DK Cowl Knit Along begins next month!
I am looking forward to knitting another Nomad Cowl alongside all of you, it's the perfect project to knit together (while still apart).

The Nomad DK Cowl is a gorgeous, draft-excluding double-knit neck and shoulder warmer. It is worked from the decorative upper edge and can be continued until you run out of yarn!
The cowl is sufficiently stretchy to fit most folks, child to adult.
The kit includes the downloadable Nomad Cowl pattern plus 100g each of the 2 complementary Nomad yarns needed to complete your project.

Pre-order yours now for our special introductory offer, then join our Knit Along on Ravelry!
To ensure a reasonably good chance of getting your kit in time, please place your order soon, as shipping times can be uncomfortably unpredictable these days.

If your local yarn shop is a Handmaiden /Fleece Artist stockist, you should be able to purchase a kit from them, as well.
If you have purchased a kit from us directly, your Nomad pattern will be placed into your Notebook at LucyNeatby.com, as well as added to your Ravelry account, about a week before kick-off to give you time to nip into it and knit a swatch.
I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Good News from Bluprint/Craftsy!

Good news! I have received communications from the folks at Bluprint and am happy to share some of their answers to the questions they've been asked.

Will the current Bluprint website continue to be maintained?
For any customer who purchased a Bluprint/Craftsy class, or who is a subscriber to the Bluprint streaming platform, the current website is intended to be maintained for Customer/Subscriber and Instructor access through August 2020. As was announced by Bluprint previously, there will not be any new purchase activity allowed on the current Bluprint site. Customers can still view classes in their accounts through that time.

Starting in September 2020, a new website will be launched by TN Marketing!
This new site will contain virtually all the classes which were active on Bluprint at the time they ceased ongoing operation. One of our upcoming email communications will focus on the new site, and what you can expect when that is launched. Rest assured that current content will be available on the new site in both a Subscription (SVOD) and Transactional (TVOD) model.

When will video classes be available for purchase?
There will be a short period of pause for any new sales. Between the time Bluprint ceased transaction activity (on about May 31, 2020) and the time that TN Marketing launches a new online platform (in September 2020), there will not be any ability for consumers to purchase a class or join as a subscriber.

After we (TN Marketing) launch a new site with the Bluprint/Craftsy content, we will continue offering a subscriber/member program. Also, we will be putting significant effort and resources into the goal of selling video classes on a single-transaction basis, as the original Craftsy business had done. The new site will be fully functional in selling class access in both ways, SVOD and TVOD.

What is happening with the customers who bought video classes?
For existing subscribers to Bluprint, and past buyers of individual classes from Bluprint/Craftsy, those customers will continue to have access to their content on the Bluprint site, at www.mybluprint.com. As noted above, this Bluprint site is expected to be open and accessible for past customers through August 2020. After that, the new TN Marketing site will migrate that customer access to our platform. Any classes they purchased, and their subscriber benefits, will be available into the future, through their online accounts. We will be sending similar communications to customers, to ensure they have seamless access to content which they have purchased.

Sales at LucyNeatby.com

Tugboat Socks Remember to check the newsbox for our weekly half-price pattern.
We are featuring the Tugboat Socks pattern this week.

Featuring two fully detailed tug boats towing a vessel on a sea of blue/green waves with little fishes swimming below and a rope cabled heel flap, this pattern includes nautical notes for knitters and web sites for tug fanciers.
An enjoyable summer project!

The Tugboat Socks pattern is half-price ($3.75) until July 11,
Happy Stitches!

Clearance Section Keep an eye on our Clearance Section and watch for various sales on our regular product pages - our efforts to achieve a major inventory reduction in 2020 will be your gain!

DVDs How about giving your knitting friends a class with me in their own homes? We are revisiting our popular DVD sale:
ALL of our DVDs are half-price! For $15CAD plus shipping (and tax, where applicable), you can own any of the "Learn With Lucy" instructional DVDs. Visit the DVDs page to order yours now!

Additionally, we are offering even deeper discounts on DVDs: any second DVD you order will cost $10CAD, and any additional DVD will be another $5. This special can be found on our clearance page--please specify your chosen titles and your mailing address when placing your order.
These in-depth and wide-ranging titles will have you knitting like a pro in no time!!

Video Download Specials

Brand New Knitter To encourage the development of a new hobby for those who need distraction, we are continuing with our Brand New Knitter Video Download for $1CAD and, for our seasoned knitting friends, all of the other Learn with Lucy Video Download titles have been marked down to half price ($10CAD each)!
Please do send photos of any new knitting projects you have embarked upon. We've seen some delghtful examples results already.

My free YouTube Channel

check my YouTube channel for new additions! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see the over 100 free video tutorials I've added over the past few years.
My most recent contributions include some general finishing videos, which will be useful to all knitters. I will be adding to those through the summer!

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