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Knitting Venus 1
Running Time: 2 hours 18 minutes


Navaho (Triple strand) Knitting
How to create a triple strand
Keeping colours separate.
Blending colours
Casting on and working with triple yarn
Darning in ends
Loopy edging

Knots for Knitters
Two different slip knots
Slipknot gathering from the wool
A center cast-on method for a shawl
Reef or square knot
Bows and half bows
Fringe knot and jam prevention
Knots at the edge of double fabric
French knots
The Weaver's knot

Decrease Variations and WS Equivalents
Right-sloping decrease (RS)
Right-sloping decrease (WS)
Hypotenuse stitches
Left-sloping decrease (RS) ssk Version1
Left-sloping decrease (WS) ssp Version 1
Left-sloping decrease (RS) ssk Version 2
Left-sloping decrease (WS) ssp Version 2
Left-sloping decrease (RS) ssk Version 3
Left-sloping decrease (RS) ssk Version 4

Alternatively Mounted Stitches
What is an alternatively mounted stitch?
Alternative knit stitches
Alternative purl stitches
Working into alternatively mounted stitches
Creating alternatively mounted stitches
Left-slanting decrease for Alternatively mounted stitches
Right-slanting decrease for Alternatively mounted stitches
Advantages of alternative purls

Yarn Marker Applications
Running yarn used on a straight fabric
Markers to count cables
Markers for comparison
Markers before and after decreases
Double markers for double increases
Double markers for double decreases
Establishing a double marker
Markers as counters
Markers as a guide to a chart
WY thread up fabric edges
Knitting up stitches
Invisible seam using waste yarn up the edge
Sewing the invisible no-bulk seam

Sleeve Tricks
Stripes in the round
Disguising the jog with phoney seams
Single rounds in alternating colours
Helix knitting
Making shaping pairs
Holes as increases
Siamese sleeves, setting up and working
Cutting and finishing the Siamese sleeves apart

Short Rows in the Round
Example of the use of short rows in the round
Short row diagram
Working short rows in the round
Sleeve head short row diagram
Making a series of short rows
Adding supplementary stitches