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(695) Snaking Cables Sweater

  • Description:

    Here is another ingenious pattern designed by our creative friend Julia Watt!

    This seam-free, top-down sweater features an intricate, all-over cable pattern with integrated bust and hip darts to flatter the fuller figure. The cables emerge at the neckline, then gradually develop into elegant braids winding around a lattice framework. At the bottom edge, a snakehead motif crowns each braid, adding a touch of fun to the design (an alternative, snake-free version of pattern is also provided).

    This is a very complex cable pattern and should only be attempted by experienced knitters who are very comfortable with cable patterns and working from charts. I do provide detailed instructions for all the cable crossings and other knitting techniques used in this pattern, but this is not a pattern for anyone who is new to cable knitting.

    The pattern will fit size 1X to 3X.

    Smaller sizes: I do not provide instructions for knitting this sweater in non-plus sizes; however, knitters with a lot of experience in altering patterns should not find it difficult to modify this pattern so as to remove the bust and hip darts.

    Larger sizes: the pattern can be made larger by simply using larger needles (for a lower stitch gauge), but larger stitches will result in less tidy-looking cables. So, for sizes larger than 3X, I recommend adding gussets to the sides and arms to extend the width.

  • Designer: Julia Watts
  • Size: 1X - 3X
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Techniques Used: seamless sweater construction, complex cables, bust and hip darts,working from charts
  • Recommended Yarn: Fingering Weight, "worsted spun"
  • Price: $ 12.00